Step 1. Macros and Mindset


Primary Objectives
The main purpose of this week is as follows:
– Understand the fundamentals of keto
– Know what macros are and what specifically your macros should be
– Set realistic goals and get your mind in the right place.
Action Items
1. Complete the KETO : What, Why, and How course and determine whether you want to commit to this way of eating 

2. Print out and pin up the Keto Friendly Food List

3. Fill out the Body Measurement Worksheet

4. Calculate your macros. It is recommended that you get fat adapted before going into a calorie deficit. Best to take 4 to 6 weeks and eat at your Maintenance Calorie Consumption

5. Watch the Electrolytes explained video

6. Watch the Net Carbs vs Total Carbs video

7. Complete the Million Pound Mission BOOTCAMP and all related tasks within the course

Extra Credit
If you have a family and some of them are not planning on eating ketogenic, we suggest watching the Keto Basic Course, Lesson #5, Keto with the Family.
The keto way of eating also has some new terms and acronyms so if you get hung up on any of them, we’ve got you covered with our Keto Acronyms and Terminology Cheat sheet
Lastly, Go to the Resources section (Downloads tab) and check out our easy-to-follow Keto Grocery Shopping Guides, The Local Keto Dining Guide, and Annual Top 10 Keto Recipes eBook